The Big Four Leaf Clover Twitter Campaign 🍀

We've started a campaign to get the lucky four-leaf clover emoji to the top of the most tweeted Twitter emojis, ever! It's a big challenge, currently 128 places away from the top, but with your help, we can make the lucky emoji number 1!

Now admittedly getting to the number one stop is very, very slim considering the world's most popular emoji the crying laughing face 😂 is a whopping 2 billion emoji tweets away, however that shouldn't stop us! It should, however, change our goals slightly. Starting with one emoji at a time, the next challenge is the ghost emoji 👻. Less than 150,000 lucky emoji tweets away, we're coming for you ghost emoji.

Track the progress over at Emoji Tracker live (it might run slower on older machines).

You all need to do is send a tweet with the lucky emoji 🍀 and it'll get tracked automatically by Emoji Tracker. Let's work together to climb the rankings. If you have other emojis that you like, why not tweet them and combine them with the lucky emoji too, that way you're helping rank the four leaf clover emoji whilst still using your favourite emojis.

Tweet #LuckyEmojiNumber1 to show your love.

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