The Secret Emoji Keyboard On Windows 10 And Mac OS X

We all have the shortcut to the emoji keyboard on our phones and tablets, especially if you have an iPhone or Andriod device, but did you know there's a secret emoji keyword hiding away on all Windows 10 and Mac OS X computers? Read on to find out how you can use this secret hidden gem, perfect for when you need emojis when writing your text, great for the next time you're writing an email, sending a Kik message or Tweet!

Windows 10 Emoji Keyboard

For a while now there's been a secret emoji keyboard ready and waiting for you whenever you're typing. The emoji keyboard allows you to enter in emojis quickly and easily directly into your text. No special coding or third-party apps require! It's all native to the system. Open up a Word Document or head over to Twitter and open a tweet to us. When you're in typing mode, all you need to do is press the hotkey shortcut.

Emoji Keyboard Shortcut For Windows 10

Windows Key + period (.)

Once you've triggered the keyboard, you can now start searching for an emoji. Try typing something and the computer will search the emoji database. Once you've found the emoji you're looking for, click (or press enter) and that emoji will be inserted into the text. If you want to cancel just hit the escape key. It works when writing emails too! If the shortcut doesn't work, try updating your computer to the latest version using Windows Update. Doing that will ensure you've got the latest set of emojis! Your keyboard will never be the same again, and likely neither what you type.

Mac OS X Emoji Keyboard

Don't worry Mac users, Apple has also added the emoji keyboard and the emoji keyboard shortcut to Mac OS X. Working the same way as the Windows 10 method, you can insert emojis into anything your currently writing. Just like us writing this, we kept bringing up the keyboard and playing around with different emoji combinations. What combos have you created? Tweet us and let us know! It's addictive. The Mac shortcut requires the user to press three keys instead of Window's two, but it's just a quick and easy to use. Once the keyboard appears, just type and search for the emoji you're looking for and press enter (or click) on that emoji for that to be inserted. You'll need to be running at least OS X 10.10 for the quick keyboard to work, so if you haven't already, make sure you update your system. Plus you'll get all the new emojis.

Emoji Keyboard Shortcut For Mac OS X

Command + Control + Spacebar

We hope you enjoyed learning about some cool emoji features in your laptop or computer. If you're new here we run daily emoji lottery games where you could win our jackpot. All free to play. Why not enter today's draw. Happy emoji keyboard playing.

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