Purple Heart Emoji


We love the love heart, not just any love heart, the purple love heart emoji. We know we use purple a lot on our site (it's one of our brand colours) but nothing says it better than sharing the love. The purple heart emoji is one that can be shared, expressed, Tweeted, liked - you name it. If you've got love to give, why not give it? You can tap the copy button and it'll automatically copy the emoji to your clipboard so you can easily share the emoji to someone special. Even better you can tap the Tweet button to send your love our right now on Twitter or hit that share button to send on the Facebook! Either way, this emoji brings peace, not hate, and we (purple) love that!

Purple Heart Lucky Emoji Stats

Global rank: #9

Times played: 4645

Emoji tags: Emotion, Heart, Person, Purple, Love

Copy to clipboard: 💜

Emoji hexadecimal: 💜

Purple Heart Emoji Products

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