We Are Lucky Emoji

💜 Positive feel-good vibes 💜

Everyone at Lucky Emoji HQ love two things. Emojis and making people smile. We're all a little crazy about emojis. They're small and pack a punch when it comes to showing your full emotion. We love using in pretty much everything from, emails to creating a website just like Lucky Emoji that's full of. Secondly, we love making people smile. The combination of using emojis as a way of people winning prizes is what made Lucky Emoji happen. Giving people the chance to win daily prizes by match just three emojis is what makes Lucky Emoji a lottery with a difference.

With Lucky Emoji we've created something quite special. A first of its kind, that's right, a world first. Lucky Emoji brings emojis and gamification of playing the lottery together, all wrapped up with the chance of winning some real cash. The team wanted a way for everyone to play without having the fun blocked by any payments or annoying ads. What we've done is made sure that every game you play is free, fun and full of emojis. Good luck and which three emojis will you pick in today's draw?

The Lucky Emoji Team




The creator, the founder, the maker - whatever you want to call him, he's the reason this website exists - thanks Alex.



Business & Outreach Manager

Spreading the word to planet earth, Kingsly's online experiences and expertise rock - you smart cookie.



Design Manager

From typography, to our logo, Reece is a fully fledged designing legend. He makes everything look pretty & colourful - oooo.



Social Media Manager

She is a social media wizard. We think she loves social a bit too much, but hey, it's an excuse to use emojis - go emoji crazy Siân!

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