How Lucky Emoji Works 🍀

Fancy Winning The Lottery?

Ever wanted to win the lottery?

Well with Lucky Emoji you can! We've revamped the 'traditional' lottery by ditching the boring numbers and replaced them with emojis! We've increased the odds of winning, made it super quick to use, whilst making it even easier to play. And it's FREE.

Here is how Lucky Emoji all works.

1. Pick 3 Emojis 🎯

Visit Lucky Emoji each day and play our free lottery by picking 3 emojis from our collection of super cool and popular emojis.

Not sure which to pick or just can't decide between the face with tears of joy to the money-mouth face? Use our lucky dip feature!

2. Visit Daily 🤗

Come back the following day and see if your chosen emojis match our daily draw emojis. Just match 3 to win.

Checking your emojis is quick and easy thanks to our clever little emoji bot will help tell you if you've won on the draw page!

3. Win & Repeat 💰

If your 3 emojis match, just claim your prize before the next draw, otherwise play again for your free chance tomorrow.

It's the newest and greatest way to win some free cash, well we think anyway.

It's as easy as 🍩 (doughnuts!?)

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