Lucky Emoji FAQs & Emoji Answers

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Who is Lucky Emoji?

Lucky Emoji is made up of four talented entrepreneurs with an unhealthy love of Emojis! We love emojis so much we decided to create a company where we could work with them every day. You can also read our individual bios to discover more about us and find out what each person, plus which animal emoji is our favourite.

Is it free to play Lucky Emoji?

Yes! It's 100% free to play. No catches, no annoying pop-ups, no spam marketing. Just an easy and fun way to make some extra cash. We will never sell your information to any other party, that's a promise.

What is an emoji?

An emoji might be a term you've never heard before or maybe something you have heard before but just don't quite know what people are on about. Well luckily for you, you've come to the right place. To put it simply, an emoji is a small icon used throughout the internet by people to express their emotion. The word emoji is actually a Japanese word for picture (e) and character (moji), who knew!

How does our free emoji lottery work?

Playing and more importantly winning our emoji lottery is very simple. You first need to make a free account before you can start playing our lottery. Once you are registered you'll be able to play your first game (how exciting!). Playing your first game is fun, just pick 3 of your favourite emojis from our list and hit save. Easy as that! Once saved simply come back at the same time the following day (make a note so you don't forget) and check if your emojis match that of the draw's. If they do, you've won the jackpot! We've written a more detailed explanation of how our emoji lottery works.

How do we fund the jackpots?

Our method of funding the jackpots is very simple. We running advertisements across our site which fund each and every one of our jackpots. When we launched we privately funded the first batch of jackpots, but since then the rest have been through advertisements. The great thing about this method is that our lottery will always be free to play, meaning you'll never have to pay to play. We do kindly ask to disable any ad-blocking software on Lucky Emoji to help us keep this service and community running.

How do you contact us?

Easy, just head over to our Twitter page and drop us a direct message or you can send us a message on our contact form.

How does your referral scheme work?

In an effort to spread the word about the Lucky Emoji's greatness, as well as winning one of our daily emoji jackpots, you can also earn a little extra cash by referring your friends and family to Lucky Emoji. Our referral scheme is available to all registered users and is free to use. Once logged into your account, every member is given an unique referral link. This link is unique to you and free for you to share with your friends and family as well on social media. Once shared, every new member that joins will make you some money. All you need to do is ensure that they clicked on your link to get to Lucky Emoji. Once confirmed, your extra cash will be credited when you next win one of our daily lottery draws. It's as simple as that. So why not share your unique link to someone you know now?

Do you have a list of the most popular emojis?

Yes, we do! Updated in real-time, each time you play our free emoji lottery game, your chosen emojis are ranked against each other for a battle for the top spot. Which emoji do you think will be number one? Take a look for yourself and head over to the emoji leaderboard to find out!

What's Lucky Emoji's favourite emoji?

Easy, 🍀 - the offical Lucky Emoji (aka four leaf clover)

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