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Friends, Family and Followers

Lucky Emoji's lottery referral scheme is a great way for every member to earn some extra cash on top of the fun and games of our daily lottery draws, it's free and ready to use for every member. Each member is given an unique Lucky Emoji referral link which means every time you share your link with friends, family or your social media following and they proceed to Lucky Emoji and sign-up, you'll make some extra cash. It's like getting paid for doing, well not a lot. Think of it as passive income. Once you've started collecting some referrals, when you next win the Lucky Emoji jackpot, your extra referral income will be added on top as a bonus. There's no cap to the total number of people you can refer, so if you want to win the jackpot + referral bonus, why not share your link now?

Below are the lottery referral tables. They are updated in real-time so there's no delay in checking the leaders. Get your friends and family to sign-up to appear in this leaderboard. Fancy becoming number 1?

Top All Time

  1. Save the Student (767 referrals)
  2. Pepe (100 referrals)
  3. Dannyatb9 (63 referrals)
  4. Brockysbabe (63 referrals)
  5. marky1 (27 referrals)
  6. MIKImikinko1986 (9 referrals)
  7. Hollie (9 referrals)
  8. Kimmylou1127 (9 referrals)
  9. CabanaAds (8 referrals)
  10. leev77 (8 referrals)
  11. josu16 (7 referrals)
  12. pat71 (5 referrals)
  13. DIVITLAD (5 referrals)
  14. Kinkenz (4 referrals)
  15. stinkybee (4 referrals)
  16. traceylina68 (4 referrals)
  17. mpgsandeep999 (3 referrals)
  18. Doll1 (3 referrals)
  19. LindaS (3 referrals)
  20. Kissmagnet (3 referrals)

Top This Month

  1. Save the Student (767 referrals)
  2. Doll1 (3 referrals)

Top Last 7 days

  1. Save the Student (767 referrals)

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