Share Lucky Emoji Lottery And Earn

Once of the many great things about Lucky Emoji is that you can earn some extra cash by referring your friends and family to Lucky Emoji. Every member is given a unique link that when shared, very person who joins Lucky Emoji by using your link, you will be rewarded with a cash bonus! The best thing is it is completely free to use and you can share your link as many times as you wish. Email it to your family, share it on Facebook and Twitter, the list is endless. So why are we encouraging all of our members to help grow Lucky Emoji? Well, the answer is pretty simple. With other lottery websites, the more people who join them make the general odds of winning much lower for each member. That's because of they more tickets going into the pot. If you joined those websites when they first launched you may have won quite often, but as more people join the odds get worst and worse (as more people play). With Lucky Emoji, we're different. The odds of winning on day one are the same as now, regardless of the total number of members or the total number of daily players. That's why we encourage our members to share their link with friends and family as it doesn't change your odds of winning. Plus as our membership grows, we will be able to increase the jackpot size because we're 100% funded by adverts around site. That means that every daily draw is funded by the advertisers. This is a great way to keep the site free to play. All we ask is if you have an ad-blocker, you disable it for this website. We're hoping with your help we can increase the jackpot amount and keep Lucky Emoji as the best place to play.

How does the referral scheme work behind the scenes?

When new member registers, the system generates them a unique code which tells the system who you are (all anonymously). This link is viewable on your dashboard which you can copy and share to friend and family. Then when one someone clicks your link they are redirected to the homepage of the website where they can read and explore Lucky Emoji and how it all works. When they visit the website using one of your links we set a cookie on their machine that states that they clicked on your link. We do this because sometimes people don't register right away. So regardless if they register straight away or a week later, either way, we will know which user referred them. This cookie will then be deleted once they register as we'll no longer need it, or after the expiry date. Once a user has registered from your link we make a note of who signed up, and who referred them. Once we've worked that out we reward the referrer. Then next time you win our jackpot, you'll get the jackpot winnings PLUS all your referral payments in one big cash bundle! Feeling competitive? We've got a leaderboard of the top Lucky Emoji members who have referred the most people. Remember it counts if you refer anyone, it doesn't have to be someone you know in person. Why not share your link on a deal or voucher site and really gain a cash boost?

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