This Three Emoji Combo Will Crash Your iPhone

A brand new iPhone bug has just been spotted by YouTuber EverythingApplePro, in which he highlights how sending an unique three emoji text message to one of your friends and family can crash their iPhone. In his video he explains the cause of the crash, and how you could prank one of your mate's phones.

The prank works on anyone running an older version of IOS, namely any version under 10.2 is vulnerable. It works by the operating system trying to convert the emoji combo into a non-supported rainbow emoji, which causes the system to crash. If you don't own an iPhone or iPad you will not be affected.

To prank one your mates, simply text the following white flag emoji, zero and rainbow emoji combo together:


However, copying and pasting this emoji combo into messenger will also crash your device. Fortunately, the effects are only temporarily and your phone will resume normal operation momentarily.

It won't be long until this bug is patched, with IOS 10.2.1 currently in it's final stages of Beta versioning.

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