Emoji Leaderboard - Top 50

Movers and Shakers

See which emojis make it into our top 50 most popular emojis, currently trending as our members play our daily free lottery. The list updates in real-time as games are played! Watch seasonal emoji picks change and find out which emojis other players like to play most often. Do some emojis give more luck than others? Which combinations of emojis go best with each other? Maybe some of the emojis that aren't listed here are luckier? The most popular emoji category appears to be the animal emoji category, followed closely by the traditional emoji faces. Try combining emoji faces with emoji animals to see what brings the most luck when playing our free-to-play, the emoji lottery game. Or experiment with a combination of different kinds of emojis to help bring in the big bucks. Which emoji would be your number 1?

Rank   Emoji  
#1 - Cat Face 🐱
#2 - Money Bag 💰
#3 Smiling Face With Horns 😈
#4 Money-mouth Face 🤑
#5 Dog Face 🐶
#6 Extraterrestrial Alien 👽
#7 Grinning Face 😀
#8 Green Apple 🍏
#9 Purple Heart 💜
#10 Ghost 👻
#11 Bicyclist 🚴
#12 See-no-evil Monkey 🙈
#13 Rainbow 🌈
#14 Bottle With Popping Cork 🍾
#15 Kiss Mark 💋
#16 Multiple Musical Notes 🎶
#17 Pile Of Poo 💩
#18 Unicorn Face 🦄
#19 Face Throwing A Kiss 😘
#20 Earth Globe Europe-africa 🌍
#21 Rocket 🚀
#22 Horse Face 🐴
#23 Smiling Face 😃
#24 Broken Heart 💔
#25 Tears Of Joy Face 😂
#26 Flexed Biceps 💪
#27 Alien Monster 👾
#28 Direct Hit 🎯
#29 Speak-no-evil Monkey 🙊
#30 Bow And Arrow 🏹
#31 Banana 🍌
#32 Smiling Face With Love Hearts For Eyes 😍
#33 Hamster Face 🐹
#34 Gem Stone 💎
#35 Strawberry 🍓
#36 Smiling Cat Face With Heart-shaped Eyes 😻
#37 Princess 👸
#38 Football
#39 High-heeled Shoe 👠
#40 Slice Of Pizza 🍕
#41 Tropical Drink 🍹
#42 Vulcan Salute 🖖
#43 Face With Stuck-out Tongue And Winking Eye 😜
#44 Beer Mug 🍺
#45 Smiling Face With Halo 😇
#46 Face With Medical Mask 😷
#47 Squared Cool 🆒
#48 Lion Face 🦁
#49 Bikini 👙
#50 Collision Symbol 💥

Can't find your favourite emoji on our top 50 leaderboards? That's most likely because it is not played enough to make the top 50 places. Not to worry! Try playing yours every day to help bring it up the rankings. Our favourite is the lucky emoji, aka four-leaf clover. If you're not sure what emoji to play next, try that one. 🍀

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