Aubergine Emoji


Now, now settle down, stop being rude! Let's talk about the aubergine emoji. With a clear mind and no prejudgments, it's just an aubergine, no biggie. It's a healthy, one of your five a day vegetables. Unbeknown to the aubergine its self, it's become one of the internet's rudeness emojis. But what does the aubergine emoji mean? The aubergine emoji, used more as a meme, is used by people to represent a part of the male body. We'll leave the rest up to your imagination. You can even get aubergine gifts, cakes, cushions and there is a movie, interesting.

Aubergine Lucky Emoji Stats

Global rank: #88

Times played: 1564

Emoji tags: Aubergine, Eggplant, Food, Nature, Object, Plant, Vegetable

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Emoji hexadecimal: 🍆

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