Pile Of Poo Emoji


We knew it! We knew you just couldn't resist clicking on the pile of poo emoji. We knew you just wanted to find out how we'd describe this little emoji. Well, here it is. It's cute, it's innocent and pretty much everyone will get embarrassed at some point by a pile of poo. There are much ruder ways we would describe this emoji to you but all we're going to say is, if you find something rubbish, want to be damn right rude or up for being cheeky, throw some pile of poo emoji into the mix and see what happens.

Pile Of Poo Lucky Emoji Stats

Global rank: #17

Times played: 2550

Emoji tags: Comic, Dung, Face, Monster, Nature, Object, Poo, Poop

Copy to clipboard: 💩

Emoji hexadecimal: 💩

Pile Of Poo Emoji Products

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